Content Marketing Mastermind – Phase 2 Of Your Content Marketing Strategy For SEO

Ready to drive more traffic, leads, and customers via SEO from the search engines? This video shows you exactly what you need to do in order to optimize your content for success.

The first livestream had some technical challenges and I ended up recording a second version after the livestream cut out.

This includes an overview of the Content Marketing 2.0 concept and then gets into the question and answer session.

We cover many topics including the difference between content marketing and affiliate marketing.

We do a few funnel reviews.

We talk a ton about content marketing and how to focus your energies with content marketing to get the most results for your time.

Had some fun on this one and many fantastic questions that are highly relevant to so many… Defnitely a must watch!


  1. Davis L says:

    Amazing stuff again Miles! I especially love all your videos on Content Marketing. Keep these coming! I have a few questions:

    1) How do you start finding a topic to create content on – is it purely from an SEO point of view where you see which topics have the most searches, or do you just create content based on what you want to talk about for that day?

    2) You mentioned previously that if you were to start posting your videos on FB, you would post them on your fan page and upload them natively. My question is how would you get your videos seen without using paid ads?

    • Miles Beckler says:

      #1 – I let the data point me to the topics! This video shows how I find topics and groups of topics:

      #2 – That is the problem with FB and why I’m not doing it… There are a ton of other things to do to build an audience there. Here on YT, I just upload great content consistently and YT does all that work!

      That said, I’d share the videos in relevant groups from your fanpage once it is on the fanpage and I’d probably run a big contest give-away from the fanpage to get some fans.

      But all that said, I don’t upload my videos to Facebook because I think it is a waste of my time… So my actions probably speak quite loud, there.

  2. Jimmy Chua says:

    Thank you Miles! 😀 The underlying message I get from you over this video is “If you take action, you are going to get results!”

    • Jimmy Chua says:

      Miles Beckler Haha.. Thank You Bro! 😃😃

    • Miles Beckler says:

      Very true Jimmy! Look at what you have created in this world, one step at a time!!! 😀 I think we can add “And be Happy” to that formula! 🙂

  3. Michael Pitluk says:

    Hey Miles, just stumbled across your channel. Amazing content man! I’m definitely going to use your videos to help promote my YT channel on FB. Couple questions: Why not just do everything in FB? Isn’t FB video taking off? Why even bother with YT? Ad revenue? Also, after watching your vids, I want to experiment with FB ads for my Dad’s optometry practice. Any interests you can think of off the top of your head I can research with the insight tool — ones I might not think of as a beginner? Appreciate everything man and thanks for your time!

    • Miles Beckler says:

      For me it is all about the shelf life of the content. My channel growth is compounding with each video I publish. On FB, you get maybe 1 – 3 days of life out of each video… Max. My most popular videos that bring in thousands of views per day were recorded months ago and will bring in traffic for years!

      Optometry is an interesting one… What does he offer that is ‘free’ that someone can register for? Free checkup? Need to figure out the goal. Maybe it is people who have glasses and need to update them.

      Then, look for contact lense delivery, big chain optometry, glasses brands, lense brands, etc.

      Honestly, be sure he is ranking #1 in google for ‘Optometrist, my city’ too… That will drive WAY MORE qualified people than FB ads, to be honest.

  4. Sohaila Handelsman says:

    Any suggestions on how to grow a back bone with mean peeps that talk negatively or disagree with you and what you do and de friend you?

    • Sohaila Handelsman says:

      actually don’t need to block them they de friend me! LOL. Thanks for all the motivation and inspiration and the encouragement!

    • Miles Beckler says:

      Block them and move on, keep publishing content, keep sharing your truth. Your tribe will find you!

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